What music is used in commercials

Music has an emotional impact on people. A song that is well-crafted can turn on the listeners, it stays longer in listener’s mind. Music has gained a lot more importance as compare to past. Though in past too it carries great worth but today in this modern age the music has expanded itself more than one can imagine.
Now there is a division between brands that opt to use some certain jingles and the ones that prefer to opt for a renowned music of famous brands. The right song is capable of boosting a commercial and it can create a solid association to a brand. Here we will figure out what music is used in commercials.

Music and commercials

Music has strong connection with commercials. They both have maintained and established naturally a mutual relationship. In the era of 50s when there was a time of black and white tv since then music and commercials have been going side by side. And now when we have stepped in the digital domain HD commercials are made that chiefly rely on music to make a good sale. Music makes them gain brand recognition. Mega brands maintain their quality and services they deliver and rest they do great by making an impressive commercial of their brand to grow their audience. They incorporate music in commercials because they know the influence of music. Music truly carries some great hidden abilities in it that strongly impact the thinking of consumer. If any song that reminds you of your childhood would always click you whenever you will listen to it as it will connect with your pleasant memories. This certain effect is considered one of the greatest benefits that music delivers. This effect is cashed in commercials. Music is eligible enough to bring dramatic changes and when it is incorporated in commercials then the result is always positive.

Huge effects of music in commercials

  • Music makes the commercials entertaining, it makes them appealing. Music adds up an aesthetic value to commercials.
  • Music turns the commercials into a memorable moment. Any famous song that is merged in any commercials make it a memorable one.
  • Music in commercials increases the attention of consumers.
  • Music makes the commercials more noticeable and easier to understand.
  • Music entices positive moods.
  • Music creates a positive association amongst the product/brand or a song.
  • Music escalates the chief brand messages.
  • Music influences purpose and possibility to purchase.
  • Music in commercials undoubtedly has become the most important factor that can increase sales.
  • Music in commercials provides a precise message.

So music is in commercials has become a powerful tool that highlights the basic info of brand in a very light way.

What music is usually used in commercials

From the era of 1930 music has been merging in commercials. Jingles are widely used in commercials. P&G and other such companies used to link their brands with typical music tunes and they used to make such commercials that are still remembered. Here we have amassed famous jingles of that era.

Famous classical music in commercials

    1. Old Spice – Orff O Fortuna from Carmina Burana
    2. British Airways – Delibes Flower Duet from Lakme
    3. Hovis -Dvorak Symphony No. 9, Opus 95, From the New World
    4. Black & Decker – Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the bumblebee
    5. Hamlet – Bach Air from Suite 3 in D major

There is no specific genre that is used in commercials, it can be any popular song of any genre. It can be a music of any popular singer that can grab the attention of consumers. Take the example of famous commercial of Coca-Cola that was the ad of Christmas, it was accompanied by a famous hit song. Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola are the trendsetters who always opt for catchy songs, they also prefer taking new artists in commercials as they want to give the impression that they always remain up-to-date. If such song is merged in commercials that has a huge fan-following then this will obviously leave an additional effect on the product. In this connection pop-songs play an important role as they have the ability to elicit and provoke emotional responses. The other genres of music are usually used for promotional based ads. It has been observed that generic background music is most of the time is used either for healthcare or retail, here the info like promotion, pricing and product feature is offered to the viewers.

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