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Does cross-pollination of old songs get more fame

From last few years, the trend of remix songs has been prevailing a lot. People who are keen about listening to music are taking these remix songs of old songs quite positively. Though remix songs are not basically new yet they present a whole new sound that appeals to your imagination.

Remix of old songs getting more fame

It goes without saying that the remix version of old songs has earned an outstanding worth. A huge majority of music lover hears the remix music with great zeal and zest. This has become the new standard which is being accepted whole-heartedly. There is a Jamaican singer OMI who earned a massive success through the song ‘Cheerleader,’ it was basically a three years old song, and during that time this song didn’t get the desired attention, but after the remixed version of this song it turned out to be a massive hit.

Music is what tickles your fancy

Music is all about a perfect blend of musical instruments and vocals. This is a combo that is supposed to create a perfect melody. Music is always symbolized to express feelings and emotions that is why when we listen to music we develop certain feelings with it. Music is believed to be a natural tool that enthuses you even when you don’t understand in which language it is sung.

Some of the hit remixes of unheard songs

From last few years, the remix songs are going great than the original ones. Mr. Probzwho belongs to Europe; in the beginning, wasn’t a very reputed singer. He has sung the song Waves. When this song was remixed, then it earned gigantic fame and success. This provoked many singers to remix the song and revitalize their music. There is a bucket list of remix songs that are grossing great repute and are on top positions on the charts. The remix song ‘Tuesday’ of Makonnen is currently standing on number 12 and is getting great attention. Then we have another remix hit of Schulz ‘Prayer in C’ this remixed song turned out to be a super hit song and has grossed great stardom, people loved the new beat and the new effects of this remixed song.

Todd Terry remixed the song, but the girl, the remixed version of this song got the huge applause and made this song stand on number 2 position. He added great things in the remixed version and changed a run of the mill song into an extraordinary song. Whereas the original song didn’t get acknowledged and was almost unheard. The new version of the song is a massive hit.

Creating a remix song is a big deal

While remixing the old songs, many factors are considered. It’s not a kid’s stuff to remix a song when you want it to be an attention-grabbing one. First of all, complete research is done while cherry-picking a song.

Any old song is not picked up randomly, it is to be well planned which song is going to be selected. After selecting a song for remixing the second step is to listen to it repeatedly as it brainstorms you to generate new ideas. Listening to other hit remixes is another way of getting an idea for the making of a remix.

There is also a school of thought that does not encourage remixing of old songs but again everything has two aspects. Remixing of old songs offer a great deal of novelty, and this novelty is what clicks the audience. People want to listen to something unique and different. It is the modern generation, especially that are the admirers of remix music. We can’t deny that remix music is playing a great role in revitalizing the old songs.

These remixes are getting a rip-roaring success. Music producers keenly observe and listen the music deeply and try to implement different ways to form those elements that can result in an appealing song. A hit remix becomes a totally new song and this fuels up the old song that was unheard and didn’t get the appreciation.

We can say that a remix of old songs is getting more fame because it is an up-to-the-minute trend that has to be followed because the audience want this.

How to feel the music is good?

I believe that “good music” is subjective (it depends on the appreciation of each person). But today, a friend told me: “Music has to be objective. So, music from The Beatles, The Doors, Rolling Stones, etc, defines what good music is and the rest has no comparison to them”.

Good music is supposed to be creative and one way or the other innovative, even long after and regardless of the type.

Indeed, The Beatles, The Doors… are references and you can find in large numbers their work in Music stores on many latitudes while ‘traveling at the moment’. But there are other musical genres that their, other very creative styles.

Good music is often a song about someone very creative who gets something many people have not, a small flame that lingers in the dark, a strange I don’t know what, a grace perhaps from above/maybe from deep inside, a whisper that swings deep inside of you to eternity, a concrete abstraction that money can’t buy, an indefinable charm that makes us fly high, a supplement of soul.

Music is usually called good when it is popular, however that is not a completely fair sign. To many a good melody is the tune that bothers the most deep parts of their soul and allows to totally shift from the daily life and sink into the sweet sounds.