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The therapeutic effect of music

Since ages man has altered and developed medicine and healing procedures. The remedy again diseases started from herbs and drugs, both inculcated a cellular and biological reaction in the human body to restore its well-being. With time, as therapeutic treatments confronted grave diseases like Black Death of childbed and persistent infections, they all vanished, but they didn’t leave a clue for another dark age of expectant disease and misery upon humankind. Music has vast therapeutic effects on the human mind and soul.

Music is a self-healing linctus.

Today, globally more than 62 million of humans are likely to have substance addiction, 6.7% percentage of the human adult population suffers through depression and 20% of the world is probably puffing a blow of smoke right now.

After escaping grave diseases through successful medicine and therapeutic treatments, we are entangled in the self-constructed bubble in which no medicine seems to really rescue us from an illusion of a much-wanted self-image that chains us to drugs, nor it could save us from a depressed mental state, except something which was refrained as a sin in medicine: Music.

Today in the 21st century, after successful remedial treatments of diseases which at once had endangered whole species, there are new horizons of medicine, facing new shadows of horrible grave diseases that linger deep into the clueless maze of lifestyle provided by environmental and societal fragments. Music has great healing effects on the traumatized mind. Moreover, it acts as an anti-depressant.

Role of auditory sense in the healing process

Out of all the senses of humans, it was never before realized how auditory sense could play such an essential role in the healing process of the human body. From sudden denial, we started calling it pseudo-science, and after scientific evidential claims, today we call music just another tool for therapy.

Music doesn’t bring a soaring ache, nor a bitter pill to swallow, but it just appeared to be called, it stimulates our auditory sense and calms human nerves. It doesn’t imply that it serves our psychological faculties particularly, but it does streamline as a placebo in the primary healing process.

More mentally diseased than biologically

Today we are more disease psychologically than biologically, which in itself gets affected, but today in 21st century, there are no particular bacteria after which we are spending hours in labs and reading papers to find its remedy, it is the self-conceived ideological and environmental conundrum on living a dream life, or being more likeable or inversely be the isolated bohemia.

These diseases are not bacterial but are in the reluctance to give up cigarettes just to orientate with that particular self-image, these diseases are products of lack of peace of mind which we have had closed years before in books, that reminded of anything slightly driven to a hierarchical system with values.

Therapy of such diseases is prospectively remedied by music today, rather than drugs. The therapeutic effects of music are vast and yet to be much discovered. You can get a trace of its therapeutic power by practicing listening to nerve calming melodies for an hour before going to sleep.

Music has an immense therapeutic effect. In a pseudo-scientific discovery, which took an analysis of years, it found the striking effects of music on water molecules. The harmony, alignment and molecular structure changed every time it was exposed to a certain melody for a certain time period. If this is the power of music on mere water, then imagine its therapeutic power on humans whose bodies carry 70 percent of water.

We are digitally trapped.

We, humans, are like computers, we will give an output of misery and mental disability in reaction to an input of fast-paced, nerve-wracking captivating, hard-earned status through money.

There is a dire need to work on our input, the more pacific and serene we make it, the more healthily our bodies will respond. It is the time; we recognize that our lifestyles have harbored us by-default social selves into isolated, self-image driven victims where our deep fears of lack of acceptance from the society and peers linger us down.

Music is a profound consoler in keeping us relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally because we are stuck in the digital trap of today’s lifestyle.

There is a great percentage today who seek medical help to give up substance abuse, get rid of depression and smoking addiction but they realize that these diseases are deeply ingrained in their lifestyle, in the very aura they breathe in, and indeed we have realized that it is the music, which can reach to our souls and heal us from within, from the same auditory sense.