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The dynamics of hip-hop rap music

Hip hop music is the product of the 1970s. It did not get officially recorded for radio and television till 1979. Hip hop music took birth in the struggling retro when it was not properly promoted. It is witnessed that people use music to express their emotions and feelings. Kendrick Lamar is the innovator of hip hop music. Hip hop music is also called rap music in a most generalized form. Today’s hip hop is developed on the influences of time and culture. It is entirely transformed into the music that was not anticipated by the yesteryear hip hop inventors.

The most controlling hip-hop rappers of the last decade

If we once-over the last ten years of the music industry, we will observe the drastic change in hip hop music. There are many new faces entered in the limelight and then vanished. But few hip-hop rappers have really defined its new visions and yield international fame. It is their devotion to the music that has prolonged the supremacy of their melodious art. The following hip-hop music rappers are the legends of the last decade, and they took hip hop to the new venues by giving new-fangled directions.

  • Lil Wayne.
  • Gucci Mane.
  • JAY-Z.
  • Drake.
  • Kid Cudi.
  • Kanye West.
  • Chief Keef.

Dynamics of hip-hop rap music

1. DJs and rappers (aural)

It is the new form of music in which sounds are deployed to produce something new. The first DJ in the history of hip hop was Kool Herc, DJs were the music celebrities which later transformed into rappers of the present day. The rappers get fame and spotlight with their hip hop music. Hip-hop rap stars like,

  • Kurtis Blow
  • Grand Master Flash
  • Biz Markle

2. Verbal acrobatics (oral)

It is regarding the oral manifestation of social and conventional norms. Hip hop rap music is the product of underserved urban communities and the isolated ancient culture.

3. Poetry in motion (artist)

These are music agilities demonstrated by music artists. Breakdance is first ever emerged on the screen that time usually more than a decade before. Different bands perform hip hop rap music in electrifying fun and style. For instance, hip hop rap crews

  • Rock Steady
  • Zulu Queens
  • Shaka Zulu Kings

4. Scribbling (visual)

It is the most contentious dynamics of hip hop music over time. It is the self-naming articulator of hip hop culture, but graffiti or scribbling does not support a rap master to get fame. The most famous visual tagging is Taki 183 and Coco 144.

5. Self-knowledge (mental)

The said element is interconnected with other elements. It is the kind of awareness created by Bambaataa in order to empower his community that had been physically and emotionally oppressed by the rulers. And this traumatized element they had used in hip hop rap music at that time.

Hip hop is more than a music

The dynamics of hip hop are the foundations of the rap music that is, in fact, a social movement and the community in return developed a music genre in reaction.

Collaborative albums of hip hop rappers

The hip-hop mutual venture is on hit demand, and collaborative music albums are produced to create something astonishing on the stage of hip hop music. These are the hip hop rappers over time whose idiosyncratic efforts and achievements gave a boom to the said genre.

  • Travis Scott, Quavo’s Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho
  • Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, How Fly
  • Chainz, Lil Wayne, Colle Grove
  • 21 Savage, Offset, Without Warning
  • Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Black Star
  • Method Man, Redman, Blackout!
  • Drake, Future, What a Time to be Alive
  • Killer Mike,; EI-P, Run the Jewels 2
  • Lil Wayne, Birdman, Like Father, Like Son
  • Young Thug, Homie Quan, Tha Tour Part 1
  • Kanye West, Jay-Z, Watch the Throne

Hip hop rap music is controlling the American youth with its positive and negative effects. The genre that developed in 1970 is now deeply rooted in the vast majority of the country. Society can feel the shrilling echo of hip hop music clearly. As music is the expression of one’s inner self, a hip hop rap is the louder and bold countenance of one’s priorities and complexities.