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How to feel the music is good?

I believe that “good music” is subjective (it depends on the appreciation of each person). But today, a friend told me: “Music has to be objective. So, music from The Beatles, The Doors, Rolling Stones, etc, defines what good music is and the rest has no comparison to them”.

Good music is supposed to be creative and one way or the other innovative, even long after and regardless of the type.

Indeed, The Beatles, The Doors… are references and you can find in large numbers their work in Music stores on many latitudes while ‘traveling at the moment’. But there are other musical genres that their, other very creative styles.

Good music is often a song about someone very creative who gets something many people have not, a small flame that lingers in the dark, a strange I don’t know what, a grace perhaps from above/maybe from deep inside, a whisper that swings deep inside of you to eternity, a concrete abstraction that money can’t buy, an indefinable charm that makes us fly high, a supplement of soul.

Music is usually called good when it is popular, however that is not a completely fair sign. To many a good melody is the tune that bothers the most deep parts of their soul and allows to totally shift from the daily life and sink into the sweet sounds.