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What makes a song hit

There is strong connection between man and music. The rise and fall of music deeply affect human’s temperament. What type of music one uses to listen reflects a lot about him. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that music does leave a stronger impact on your mind. It is a beautiful way to convey your emotions, it is a great source of revealing what is going inside you. Haven’t you ever noticed how a baby pays attention to the soft rhythmic lullaby and the melody makes him sleep calmly. Each genre of music affects differently and not every song that you come across can appeal your heart. There are certain factors that make a song hit.

What makes a song hit?

Some factors that make a song hit:

  • Melody of a song
  • The melody of a song plays the most significant role in making the song hit. It is the melody that either makes a song hit or make it a duff. People remember the song because of its touching and catchy tune.

  • Good music
  • Metal is considered a good music. Besides that it has to be a complete package of good lyrics, strong vocals.

  • Uniqueness of a song
  • After melody it is the uniqueness of song that makes it a hit song. In the era of 1985 to 2015 there were more than 500,000 tunes that got release in UK. The songs were a massive hit. When the pop music came into being in 1950s people loved the innovation of the songs. People received Van Halen warmly and liked Halen’s vibrance and energy. The trend of copycatting also emerged even the singers were copying themselves after getting successful. What make the song hit was all about its uniqueness. The listener gets attracted towards the peculiarity, towards something new.

  • Song-writing
  • Song-writing is another influential part of making a song hit. What make the song-writing effective is its naturalness. One is supposed to put all of his energy in to his songwriting. Pen down what strikes your heart and when you will sing it out it will strike the listener’s heart. A meaningful song is what is highly liked by the audience.

  • A perfect blend of musical instruments
  • Use of musical instruments play greater role in making a song hit. In this a singer has to be creative, creativity will enable you to make the best use of musical instruments.

  • Popularity affects deeply
  • In boosting a song the status and a popularity of a singer also matters. The audience anxiously wait for the upcoming song of their favorite singer. It is said that popularity is believed to be the brassiest drumbeat.

  • Music that touches your heart
  • A song that touches your heart that makes a connection with you is what makes hit a song. Audience always love originality. The more it will be original the more it will strike the heart. Music that makes you feel nostalgic, that makes you a bit sad is the one that goes as a hit song.

  • Music that entices you to dance
  • Music has to be captivating, no matter which genre it is whether pop, country or hip-hop it has to be effective. Beat of a song either should make you feel sooth or it should make you dance.

Basically, there is no absolute science or formula that makes a song hit. Catchy tune, good vocals and touchy lyrics though are some of the very important factors yet it is hard to define what makes a song hit. It still remains in vague that what are the precise ingredients that make a song hit. To define what makes a song hit is like defining an art which is very difficult. It’s also like “One man’s wine is another man’s poison”. We all have different perceptions, different people perceive the same thing entirely in a different way. What sounds good to you may be a crap for me. Secondly a hit song is also defined by the sales it makes at a time of release. But one thing is sure the beat and a melody of song hugely matters in making a song hit. Sometimes you listen to a song in a foreign language and you don’t understand even a single word yet you like it because of its melody and beat.