Sage Francis lyrics

Sage Francis has some lyrical skill. He’s pretty real on stage too.. You heard Flagship Patriot, or something like that? How’s the new atmosphere? Mostly i don’t listen to aesop or anticon too much. Never heard of time machine.

On the real though, the underground is stagnant right now. Hip hop is dead to many people… and they miss it so.

Mos Def said it best “people talk about hiphop like its some giant living in the hillside, coming down to visit the townspeople. we are hiphop… me, you… everybody… we are hip hop, so hiphop is going where we’re going”.

If you dont find the good stuff yourself you sure as hell wont have it handed to you. If you dont participate things will surely look bleek.

Ya know what makes me shake my head…. When little kids listen to the same ol corny elementary rhymes about the same old bullshit with a wack beat made on Fruity Loops by a guy who only met the MC once on a conference call with A&R… Then that is they’re representation of hiphop. We need to school the youth, take the blinders off their eyes. Next time you see a kid with a g-unit shirt on and MC bustagun in his cdplayer, smack him in the back of the head, hand him a hoodie and a tribe called quest CD, and send him on his way.

New cats are comming out all the time like “Little Brother” group of 3 guys one of them being 9th wonder (producer) they just came out with a CD that is crazy hot. People like Immortal Technique, The Roots, Casual, Mos Def, Nas, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Del, Swollen Members, Souls of Mischief are coming out with new stuff I can go on for days but I am out of time. Papoose spits fire and hes new to the game.

However Sage Francis lyrics are still very popular among the first wave of hip hop lovers. His song Makeshift Patriot still gets many views in YouTube and lots of sales in the stores. However is necessary to note that rap music has changed greatly and such poets as Sage Francis are remembered mostly for very impressive lyrics, but not because of the interest towards the genre itself.

Pop music history

The history of pop music is less than a century old. Pop music appeared in 1926, but not out of nothing, of course. Most likely it was formed out of folk songs and folk music. The term itself is a short consignation for a words combination “popular music”.

It is believed that the main features of pop music are simplicity and melodiousness. Lyrics of pop songs always tell us about something personal: love, loneliness, suffer, tears, hate, inspiration, happiness… The majority of such songs consist of couplet and chorus. But still the main role is played by the voice, and the tune itself is considered to be the background. Probably if it was vice-versa the quality of pop music would be much higher. However things haven’t been this way from the very beginning – pop songs were much more tuneful within the first several decades. Pop music usually possess a good rhythm since most of its modern hits are written for dancing and not for listening on a sofa. The average duration of such songs is approximately 4 minutes.

As we’ve aleady mentioned these songs are devoted to something personal: love, various emotions, shopping, dancing, painting, sadness or gladness. As a rule each pop star has a dozen of dancers, make-up artists, managers and other very cunning characters in his / her team. The more such professionals are there the higher the status of a star.

Now pop music plays a dominant role in the world music industry. Its leadership has begun in sixties and was ten years later affirmed by such giants as ABBA, Boney M, etc. And they still have an army of fans.

No doubt that each pop legend, such as Jackson, Madonna and Houston has influenced greatly the way popular music is performed nowadays. However for example R&B would still have appeared and become extremely popular even if any of these singer had never existed. Since it is rhythmical, tuneful and beautifully presented genre.

Modern pop music development has certainly been affected by the singers themselves. Their performancw manner, their love life, their interviews to newspapers and their photo sessions for glossy magazines. Many people like pop music only because they need to have an idol, they need to love someone who is perfect, powerful and unreachable, they unconsciously try to build and alternative reality to that they actually live in. And in this connection the more attractive the star is, the more beautiful voice he / she has, the more heartfelt words he / she sings, the greater extent is, to which he/ becomes arbiter of fashion in pop music.

Common music genres

The ability to orient in modern musical genre and subgenres, as well as different means and methods used by composers in various genres, is one of the first signs of professionalism. Thanks to long history of music now musia styles are extremely diversified and their number keeps growing from decade to decade.

Most critics divide modern genres of music into three basic sections: pop, rock and rap, which in turn have deep roots in former styles and gave birth to many branches.

Pop is a modern popular music. It is a very broad term, covering many genres, such as disco, trance, house, techno, funk, new wave, etc. Let’s consider features of each of them separately.

Disco. Not long ago it was the most popular dancing pop music style. It may be characterized by tons of effects, leading role of druns and bass, and background status of stringed and wind instruments.

Trance. It is reffered to as one of electronic music genres and noteworthy for its high emotional impact on a listener. This effect is achieved with the help of sad, “space” melodies.

House. So called dancing, fully electronic music. Main and the only instrument is synthesizer. The characteristic trait of this style is a presence of cycled music phrases and soloing melodies. Effects are massively applied.

Techno. Trying to characterize it shortly one may say it is a futuristic music of big city. The features of techno include fantastical melodies, gloomy metallic sound, cold, non-emotional voice.

Funk. One of dancing styles, having drums vividly stressed and dominating over all the rest of instruments, low level of melodiousness, negligent rhythm.

New wave. Popular music genre, which is a tranformed version of punk-rock and uses the same musical means.

The roots of rock as an independent style lie in “black” american blues, which apprared in 20-30-s. Traditional blues consists out of 12 beats, i.e. parts of a composition, formed by several notes, first of which has a stress or an accent. The basic blues instruments include: double-basd or bass setting the rhythm, soloing guitar, drums, often keyboard and wind ones. To be more precise, rock evolved from a branch in this genre named guitar blues that contained much less keyboard and wind instruments.

Appearing of rock and rock-and-roll, notions that have their start in the activity of such musicians as Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Elvis may be named a popularizer of the genre while the Beatles were the ones who turned rock into art.

In musical terms rock has remained the same old blues, but semantic content has changed: rock is a music of protest against the society, government or anything else.

Rock has accumulated within itself many subgenres, the most listened among which are soft rock, hard rock, pop rock, folk rock, punk rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal and trash.

Hard rock. Ethimologic meaning says it must be something not easy-listening. And it is fully true – hard rock is not a a style most people would prefer to have as background music. Its heaviness is achieved by the loud and powerful sound of rhythm-section dominating the rest of instruments. In most cases drums, bass or rhythm-guitar are made “heavier”. Overdrive and Distortion effects are often used in hard rock as well.

Pop rock. Popular rock. This style is different by its balanced structure, application of various effects and popular arrangements. Any rock music targeted at broad audience may be reffered to as pop rock.

Folk rock. It is rock music with the elements of folk music.

Punk rock. The music of such style is rough, often unprofessional, but very expressive. Its melodies are usually simple, unpretentious, but shocking ones.

Psychedelic rock. Complex, non-banal music overflowing wirh various effects. It is notable for having strong emotional effect on a listener.

Heavy metal is a sharp metallic music which is usually considered to be inharmonious. It is far from the standards we got used to.

Trash. It is very hard style that is notable for complexity and continuity of melodies, as well as improvisation.

Rap as a genre came out of dance music. Its characteristic traits are: uneven rhythm, complex experiments with drums, presence of cycled music fragments. One of the main features of rap is the absence of singing voice, which is replaced by recitative. Rap is read like poems, but not sung. The basic instruments are drums and complex bass, which oten performs a solo part. Often rap musicians use a scratch effect, i.e. vinyl records creak.

Rap probably evolved from Reggae – dance music style appeared on Jamaica. These two styles have much in common: the same uneven, torn rhythm, presence of ringed music fragments, complex drums.